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The Leader in Bitcoin Security and CryptoSEC

Amwal Network is a US-based digital assets security firm that provides Bitcoin security tools and solutions. We provide cyber forensic services, investigative reports, crypto retrieval plans, digital asset security, crypto-identity, asset tracking, and more.

Our tools and solutions help businesses and individual investors secure and manage their Bitcoin and digital assets.

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Our products


We offer cutting edge solutions to:
✓ Secure your assets
✓ Consulting
✓ Storage services (cold, hot, physical, etc.)
✓ Custody
✓ Software devops
✓ Identify threats and vulnerabilities
✓ Penetration testing
✓ Compliance

During attack

We provide in-house 24/7 services and tools that will help you:
✓ Document the attack
✓ Develop a response plan
✓ Attack mitigation
✓ Safeguards
✓ Reporting


We provide:
✓ Theft investigations
✓ Accidental loss investigations
✓ Retrieval attempts
✓ Funds chasing
✓ Flow of funds report
✓ Legally admissable reports
✓ Remediation tools
✓ Response plans
✓ Legal consulting
✓ Compliance

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Every year, Billions of dollars are stolen in various hacks related to Bitcoin, various cryptocurrency projects, and digital assets. We can help you protect your assets before any hack occurs. We can also help you investigate any hacks, and we will attempt to retrieve any stolen cryptocurrency funds.


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