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In Arabic, the word Amwal means Money.
We educate and inform the world about Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. Amwal Network is a media organization that produces high quality content in Arabic language. We produce video, audio, articles, research, social-media content, applications, and much more. Connect with us today.

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Lightning Network

We develop solutions on the Bitcoin Lightning Network.
Currently, we're building a number of LN nodes and a Lightning wallet for payments on the Lightning Network.


We provide on-chain data to our clients. We're also developing our in-house data solutions.
We provide data via our dedicated iOS app and Android app (10,000+ registered users)


We educate on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. Our main educational outlets are YouTube (180K+ subscribers), Twitter (80K+ subscribers), and our articles website.

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Our content reaches millions of people every day.
Bitcoin is global.

With us, you will reach millions of viewers. We believe in the power of information and its distribution channels.


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Started just under a year ago. Now, we are the #1 Arabic source for Bitcoin, blockchain, crypto, investment, and business content.

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